Our most important success key is human.

The human resources unit has a strategic role in Yayla Agro due to the value given to humans. It has a transparent approach open to continuous improvement and has an active role in our company’s strategic decisions.

Human Resources, in line with the goals of Yayla Agro, carry out modern human resources operations by working in a success-oriented manner in cooperation with other units.

At Yayla Agro, each employee is the leader of their own business. Together with their managers; they define, plan and manage their own career goals as a result of the competency and performance evaluations they encounter. With this operation manner, Yayla Agro takes care to train all personnel and managers to be appointed in all departments and branches from within itself.

Believing that the most important factor behind its success in the sector is its expert human resources, Yayla Agro Gıda continues to invest uninterruptedly to increase the competence and skills of its employees.

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